1 man tower, aluminium access, mobile tower, 2 man 1 man tower
                    3T lADDER fRAME tOWER
                        232 nARROW rUNG tOWER
                    advanced gaurdrail tower

Euro one, quick assembly, one person aluminum mobile tower. Easy to erect and dismantle by one person with the base unit forming a trolley for fast storage and transportation.

Platform Length: 1.3m
Platform Heights: 1.1m, 2.1m, 3.1m and 4.1m
Single Width (0.70m)

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 Aluminum Toe board set

•   Working height 6.10m

•   Compact 1.3m x 0.7m base size

•   Fits through standard doorways

•   250mm rung pitch

•   One size frame for an easier build

•   4 Platform Heights