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The Euro Towers special frame range, Bridging Systems, Cantilever Systems, Clearance Goalpost & Walkthrough Frames, Double Double Frames, Facade Systems...
Euro Towers manufacture all types of specialised frames to suit the Euro Tower range, some of these include:

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Bridging Systems

A quick and simple way of creating a bridge on 2 towers...
Bridge Beams are the easiest way to link two towers together to create a very large working platform area and a long clear span between them.
Ideal for bridging over machines, desks, pipe work runs etc.
With the use of standard ladder frame tower components, the systems are very cost effective.

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Clearance Goalpost & Walkthough Frames

Goalpost frames are used in areas where access is needed at the foot of a tower. For example a doorway, window or if an obstacle is preventing the tower from being constructed, such as a hedge or a working station.
Walkthough frames do a similar job but would be constructed on the width of a tower instead of the length like the Goalpost.

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Facade Systems

These systems are ideal if a long stretch of platform working area is required at one time.
The system is constructed using standard tower equipment to create this set up.

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Double Double Frames

The Euro Double Double Tower can be used to construct large scale working platforms by utilising standard Euro Tower equipment.
The extra wide 3 rung frames accommodate 4 working platforms and is built using a fully functional 3T (Through The Trapdoor) Method.
All parts that are built within this system are standard Euro Tower stock items and can be interchanged with these larger frames.
This platform size is ideal for working at ceiling height without having to manoeuvre a smaller tower.

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