Euro Towers manufacture many types of Aluminium Access Tower (Scaffolding Tower) to suit the requirements of different applications.
There are two approved methods of build recommended by the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA), which have been developed in co-operation with the Health and safety executive.
The first method of assembly is ‘Through-The-Trap’ (3T).
This allows the person building the tower to position them self at minimum risk during the installation of guard rails to the next level. It involves the operator taking up a working position in the trap door of the platform, from where they can add or remove the components which act as the guard rails on the level above the platform.
The second method is an advanced guard rail system.
This makes use of specially designed temporary guard rail units, which are locked in place from the level below and moved up to the platform level.
The temporary guard rail units provide collective fall prevention and are in place before the operator accesses the platform to fit the permanent guard rails.
The progressive assembly of guard rails from a protected area at a lower level ensures the operator is never exposed to the risk of falling from an unguarded platform.
Euro Towers supply full instruction manuals on all towers supplied.
In addition to our 3T Ladder Frame Towers, AGR Towers & 232 Towers, we can manufacture special aluminium towers to your specific requirements.

Our access equipment products are manufactured to a TUV approved quality control system ISO 9001:2008.

The 3T Ladder frame towers, 232 towers and Advanced Guardrail Towers are approved to BS.EN.1004 3 8/12XXXD European Standard.